3 Key Strategies To Improve Customer Satisfaction Through Digital Marketing?

I believe most people have heard of this quote “Customer always comes first”. The main reason is to create customer satisfaction. How can we do that through Digital Marketing? 

Here’s a few guidelines~

1. The Right Digital Marketing Tools

If you use the right digital marketing tools, it can actually boost the customers’ engagement and down below are few examples:

Mobile App

  • Currently there are 3.5 billion Smartphone users in the world, it is way more than the usage of desktop. There is definitely a higher percentage that many of your customers use it.
  • Think with Google stated the fact that on average, smartphone users have 35 apps on their phone, and an approximate of 52% of those apps are actually used on weekly basis.
  • Hence, having the advantage of mobile apps will increase customers’ engagement.
  • Eg: Starbucks first introduced its mobile app and for the first 2 years it accounted for 26 million transactions.

Email Marketing Software

  • There are over 4.04 billion email users in the world and projected growth may reach up to 4.37 billion users in 2023.
  • It is one of the highest ROI (Return of Investment) marketing channels. It personalizes messages based on customers’ interest.
  • In fact, stated by eMarketer study, the median email marketing ROI is 122%, which is 4 times higher than other digital marketing channel

Sales CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • CRM software allows collecting, manage, and track customers’ information and their updates and thereby making effective communication with the customers.
  • In today’s world, customer interacts with business on different channels, even on Facebook, Linkedin and others. 
  • Eg: CRM Software:
    – Nimble
    – Pipedrive
    – Salesforce
    – Oracle CRM
    – HubSpot
    – Pipedrive

2. The Feedbacks

Ask yourself this, “Are your digital strategies improving your customer services”

  • Comparison – By tracing back your profit in the past and do comparison, are the sales actually increasing? If it is, this is when the digital strategies you implemented is successful
  • Do surveys – As it provide an in depth review on the company’s product and services
  • Ask for recommendations – Customer’s recommendation is the best way for the company to enhance the company’s product or services.

3. Social Listening (Be empathy)

Social Listening Tools

  • Eg: Hootsuite, Social Studio
  • Not only does it allow the company to know what customer thinks about your company, it also gives clues on how customers think of your competitors.