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5 core features that convert new visitors on your healthcare website.

Google receives an approximate amount of 70,000 health-related search queries per minute. Proving that most people look for information about their health concerns online before consulting a physician. Therefore, medical practice websites with authoritative content that answer some of these health questions are more likely to attract new website visitors and convert them.

According to a HubSpot survey, most customers prefer to engage first with content from a business before becoming paying customers. Persuasive website copy and medical content are written with the target audience to help medical practices attract specific new website visitors and eventually convert them。

In this article, you will learn specific strategies and features medical practice websites should have to convert new website visitors to paying clients.


1. Interesting Website Copy

 Two out of ten website visitors read beyond the headline of online content.

Therefore, a medical website copy should grab the reader’s attention and move the reader to the end of a web page. New website visitors leave a website immediately when the content isn’t engaging enough.

A medical copywriter with medical knowledge and marketing skills has the capacity to create powerful website copy that grabs the reader’s attention and hooks them till the end of the copy.

Medical practice websites should have the following pages: home, about us, service, blog, and contact. The home page is an essential web page because it is the initial interaction point new Malaysian clients have with a medical practice.

5 core features that convert new visitors on your healthcare website
5 core features that convert new visitors on your healthcare website

To have a lasting first impression that boosts conversion on the homepage, here are specific content and information to include:

Unique value proposition

Using a few sentences, describe who you are, your services, and their benefits. Insert a clear image of the physician and the team close to this value statement. This captures the reader’s interest and builds engagement.

Present your most important medical services

Brief description of the features and benefits with a clear call to action such as “book an appointment” for each section.

Testimonials and stats

Show the number of clients who have benefited from using each of these services.

Display certificates, logos, and awards you have received

This affirms your educational background and professional capability to manage specific medical conditions.

Free bonuses such as short e-books

Website visitors must enter their email addresses to get a copy. This helps to build your email list and to follow up with subscribers via email. Besides the home page, the service page should communicate in detail your specific services, who benefits, and what makes your service different from others. Also, end each service description with a specific action you want the website visitor to take.

The about us page should describe your values, mission, and the specific roles of your medical team. Insert links to your contact us page for visitors who want to contact you or your team to ask questions.

A medical website with clear copy, few web pages, and specific navigation links converts website visitors faster than those with many pages and links.


2. Create Authoritative Medical Content

A blog page should be dedicated to the creation of consistent valuable content for your prospective website visitors. Businesses who blog receive 55% more traffic and 67% more leads than those who don’t.

Random creation of blog posts does not yield a positive return on invested time and resources. Before creating content, conduct thorough customer and keyword research to identify your ideal client’s pain points, medical conditions they have, and solutions they search for on Google.

To find out your ideal client’s pain points and medical needs, use online forums, Facebook groups, Quora, and subreddits where your clients are members. In these groups, look out for recurrent complaints and medical struggles the members face.

Afterward, conduct keyword research using paid SEO tools or using Google-related search or Google autocomplete search results. This provides content ideas to consider and keywords to use for optimizing your content.

Create a content marketing strategy using the information you have gathered from your research.

The goal of your content strategy is to create authoritative content that ranks high on Google, add website visitors into your email lists, and follow up with content that informs and presents your services as the solution to their medical problems.

 Authoritative search engine optimized content with the right keywords ranks higher on Google search results.

3. Social Proof

Social proof entails the different ways to gain patients’ trust in your service and achieve their desired results. The most effective social proof is a testimonial from customers who have benefited from your medical service.

 Here are types of social proof for a medical practice website:


This is a detailed customer success story of how your medical services solved their health problem. Testimonials need a Malaysian client’s approval before usage because of privacy concerns.

However, for testimonials to be effective, include certain types of testimonials and information. Video testimonials persuade new website visitors more than pictures. Each testimonial should highlight the customer problems before using your service, experience, and specific health outcomes achieved after using your service.

Email subscribers

Your email list is important in following up with new website visitors who may not be interested in your services at the initial website visit. Therefore, you need to include the number of email subscribers on your sign-up forms to entice them to subscribe. For example, add “Join 10,000 other email subscribers to learn more about carpal tunnel syndrome”.

Media mentions

Display visibly on your home page if popular news media like The Star  or influential websites have featured your medical services.


Statistics on the number of customers served: Physicians who have successfully treated many cases display these stats to boost credibility and showcase experience in handling a medical condition.

4. Multiple Sign-Up Forms

Emails are one of the best ways of building relationships with potential clients and new website visitors.

Build and grow your email list by placing multiple sign-up forms at strategic places where new website visitors can see them and offer free bonuses to boost sign-up rates.

The best places to add your email sign up forms are:


  • Above the fold in a blog page

  • At the end of some blog posts together with a bonus

  • About us page

  • Sidebar

  • Footer

Email sign-up forms that include each subscriber’s gains by joining your email list, confidentiality statement, and email frequency convert new website visitors.


5. Social media links and share buttons

Most health care businesses have social media pages where they connect and build relationships with new Malaysian clients.

The addition of social media page links to a medical practice website provides an alternative communication channel for new website visitors. Add these social media links to the footer of the homepage, blog, and contact page.

Also, the social media sharing buttons service page and on each blog post encourage new website visitors to share your content on social media. This increases the visibility of your medical services and attracts new interested prospects who convert into paying customers.

The sharing and re-sharing of your content using social media share buttons ensures a continuous inflow of new website visitors and promotes steady exposure to your services even without active marketing.


Medical professionals can leverage online platforms to attract new clients into their medical practice. Most clients search for information online and interact on social media.

Medical practice websites with clear website copy, optimized authoritative health content, sign-up forms to engage prospects through relationship-building emails, and access to your social media pages have a higher conversion rate and better online exposure.

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