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Wondering whether influencers with 50k, 100k or 300k followers suits your brand better?

Wondering whether influencers with 50k, 100k or 300k followers suits your brand better?

Finding out which influencer can give you the brand awareness that fits into your company brand image? Watch the video now, Wan Li is giving out 3 tips to choose the right influencer for your company brand.

50k , 100k 还是 300k Follower 的网红呢?

还不确定如何选择适合你品牌的网红?你是否还在犹豫到底那个网红才可以给到你 Sales 或是品牌效应呢?

或者你公司想要找形象好而且又有非常好的粉丝互动?在这集影片里, Wan Li 将为你解释选择网红该注意的3件事!


Why is organic influencer marketing more powerful than sponsored content?

As accordance to Nielsen’s Global Trust Report, 46% of the consumer will believe anything the influencers say. That is like 1 out of every 2 consumers?!?!

Many brands these days had mastered and benefiting from influencers marketing. In fact, it is estimated that by utilizing such strategy will see an increase in their ROI.

Now you might ask, what is organic influencer marketing and sponsored content marketing?

Organic Influencer Marketing

Sponsored Content Marketing

Why do you say Organic Influencer beats sponsored content marketing? Well first of all, the cost of influencer marketing has risen over the years since brands realized the true power of influencer marketing. It hence made influencers hiked their fees, especially for those that are macro influencers with huge followings.

Organic influencer aren’t pay in this case, it is an earned media strategy. Insteadv of paying large amount for sponsored posts, PR actually will find people that share their content because they truly love their brand’s product or services. They are natural brands advocate that are excited to work with their fav brands~

Typically, those organic influencers are micro-influencers/ nano-influencers who may have several thousand followers. Not necessarily only macro followers can help the company to earn big sales. Even thought micro influencers have fewer followers, they enjoy higher engagement levels and inspire greater trust. They are called influencer for a reason, duhhh.


Furthermore, there are preferred choice for brands in niche markets (which are typically local

markets), where influence often depends on quality rather than quantity.


Influencers are supposinglu to be more authentic than corporate messages, but they’re losing trust authentic connections with audiences. Now, as a marketer we might actually wonder how much does macro influencers actually influence followers to purchase the company’s product or services. Well as recent study from Stackla found


What is the upcoming trend for influencer marketing?


Based on eMarketer’s 2019 Influencer Marketing Report, a surveyed that was done under Hootsuite had discovered 48% either used or planned to use influence r marketing with well-known celebrities influencers. While 45% companies is using or planned to use micro influencers who have smaller, highly engaged audiences.

Nano-Influencers & Micro-Influencers

In terms of industry, which uses influencers marketing the most?

Answer: Fashion and beauty, two verticals that are continuing their strong support of influencer marketing. As accordance to eMarketer’s report, it states a study that was held by Glossy on December 2018, claimed among 133 fashion and beauty brand executive worldwide, 88% of the respondents were using influencer marketing.

*Larger brands are moving from macro-to-micro influencers due to the rising cost and declining engagement rates of macro-influencers Micro-influencers overtake top-tier talent and 61% of consumers say they produce the most relatable content.

The Famous Influencer’s personal view on 2020 Influencer Marketing Trend

This report assesses the trends defining influencer marketing in 2020 and shares what creators want brands to know about working with them.

KEY STATISTIC: Generation Z and millennial internet users say that knowledge and real enthusiasm for a product, services, brand or industry are the top two reasons they make a purchase based on an influencer’s recommendation.

How Does Tiktok Rank In The App Charts?

9 out of 10 TikTok users use the app multiple time DAILY

  • TikTok is #5 overall downloads
  • TikTok is #1 in App Store downloads
  • TikTok is #9 in Google Play downloads

However, Facebook still ranks NO.1 in Malaysia- with 23 users, 70% of our current population (2019 info)
1. Facebook- 23M users
2. YouTube- 20M users
3. Linkein- 4.4M users
4. TikTok- 4M users

In Malaysia?

– This implies that the tiktok users are extremely active on the app
– The average time spent on tiktok daily is 52minutes
– 66% of the users are younger than 30 years old


Ultimately, to get the most out of influencer marketing, one must analyse what is the current trend. This goes for anything and everything, as things move forward with the trend, especially when the Millennial are taking over. New ideas and creativity is what we need right now, businesses should take consideration on what influencer marketing can help you. My Sense provides influencer marketing, if you’re interested in helping your business to build brand awareness, dial up and give us a call~References:

Are you worried to spend on social influencers for your online marketing campaign?

Are you worried to spend on social influencers for your online marketing campaign?

Don’t worry buddy. We understand that It’s very reasonable and logic that a brilliant business owner like you and us are very catious about our marketing spent. And we always ask for the return of investment after each and every of the marketing campaigns.

Watch the video below and Wan Li is going to share with you what can be done to increase the sales conversion!

担心花太多钱请网红? 花了这笔钱后又不知道有没有 Sales?


想要知道如何解决? 请观看视频。

Always wanting to improve your online marketing, reaching out to MORE people?

Always wanting to improve your online marketing, reaching out to MORE people?


First of all, you’ll need to ensure your brand ambassador possess these few values. Interested to know about what exactly these values are? Watch the video now, Wan Li is going to share with you.






Ever Consider Influencer Marketing Company To Help You Promote Your Products?

“你是否曾想过找网红帮你的公司打广告? 网红是现在营销的趋势,如果你今天还未开始利用网红效应,那么你很有可能达不到你要的网上营销效果 真相也许很伤人,但如果你要做好网上营销,你必须得知道这四大网红可以为你公司带来的价值。 想要知道更多,请赶快观看影片 

Have you ever thought of engaging Influencer for your online marketing? Influencer Marketing is the current marketing trend, if you’re yet to engage Influencer / KOL for your brand, you’re very likely to still unable to achieve your desired online marketing result. Truth can be painful to you, but if you would want to champion online marketing for your company / brand, you have to know what values can the Influencer marketing add to you. Watch the video now, Wan Li is going to explain to you how influencer marketing can add value to you and your brand. “


4 Main Values of MYSense Influencer Marketing

In this COVID-19 Pandemic, you and I know that businesses need a change, however, to transform business from offline to online is NOT EASY. Challenges like marketing content creation, video-testimonials, FB/Insta advertisements technical issue, advertisement settings, etc. hit us hard when we about to start. We have been through what you’re going through now, why would you want to go through the hardships all over again ⁉ Watch the video now, Wan Li is going to show you what is MYSense all about. 😉

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