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TikTok Marketing Agency

MYSense x TikTok

We Are an Official TikTok Marketing Partner

Grow your business with MYSense TikTok now!

MYSense proudly announces its official partnership with TikTok! As a recognised TikTok partner, we bring proven expertise in diverse aspects of TikTok’s marketing platform. Our team is well-equipped to assist marketers at every stage of their campaign, from creation and execution to measurement.


Unlock the potential of TikTok Ads Manager with MYSense and swiftly reach your target audience, achieving results with ease. Our extensive audience base combined with user-friendly tools empowers anyone to become a marketing expert. Join us in making your mark on TikTok’s vibrant platform!

People spend more time viewing ads on TikTok compared to ads on other platforms

46% of the time spend watching a Youtube creative is actually spend on looking at the Skip Ads button.

TikTok Viewers Data
Average Spent Time

TikTok’s reach and relevance in Malaysia

Monthly User Base

Monthly User Base

Avg Daily Time Spent


In daily average time spent

Times Daily App Open Rate


Video Views per month

Monthly Video Creation


Continued YOY growth in monthly videos created

Source: 1. TikTok Internal Data, MY, Jul 2023, 2. data (Android Only), Jul 2023(NOTE : TikTok’s use of this data does not equate to an endorsement ) 

* Monthly User Base: MUB is an estimate of devices who open or view an app at least once in the period of one month

TikTok Objective

Benefit With Tiktok Agency Account

Targeting 55+ countries

Unlimited ads budget spending

Access to all TikTok ad formats

Update new TikTok policies immediately

Direct support 24/7 by TikTok partners

Ads review by TikTok

Exclusive benefits by TikTok Partners – MYSense Digital Agency

Reallocate ads balance to a new account immediately if your account gets suspended

Execute and manage your TikTok advertising campaigns by MYSense’s experts with Key Account manager from Tiktok HQ

Do You Know?

You Can Only Create A TikTok Agency Account Via TikTok official partners

You must top up your ad balance through the agency to run ads

TikTok Case Studies

Discover the art of storytelling in 60 seconds or less, as we break down the anatomy of TikTok triumphs. From user-generated content that sparks global movements to brands creating authentic connections, these case studies illuminate the endless possibilities within the TikTok ecosystem.

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TikTok Marketing FAQ

TikTok is a popular social media platform with a vast and highly engaged user base, making it an excellent opportunity to reach and connect with a diverse audience. By leveraging TikTok, you can create engaging and entertaining content that resonates with users, increasing brand awareness and attracting new followers. TikTok’s algorithm also has the potential to amplify your content to a wider audience, further enhancing your brand’s presence.

MYSense is a specialized service provided by our team that helps businesses maximize their potential on TikTok. Our experts understand the platform’s trends, dynamics, and best practices. We assist with content creation, strategy development, and optimization techniques tailored specifically for TikTok, allowing your brand to stand out and thrive in this unique social media environment.

Absolutely! While TikTok is known for its entertaining content, it has evolved into a versatile platform with diverse content categories. Regardless of your brand’s focus, there are creative ways to leverage TikTok’s features to showcase your products, share valuable information, or highlight your brand’s values. With the right approach and content strategy, you can effectively engage your target audience and generate interest in your brand.

MYSense provides expert guidance and support in content creation for TikTok. We work closely with your brand to understand your goals, target audience, and unique selling points. Our team develops creative concepts, crafts engaging scripts, and produces visually appealing videos optimized for TikTok’s format and trends. We ensure that your content aligns with your brand identity while capturing the attention and interest of TikTok users.

Measuring the success of your brand’s presence on TikTok involves tracking various metrics and indicators. These can include the number of followers gained, views, likes, shares, comments, and user engagement rates. Our team utilizes TikTok’s analytics tools and provides regular reports to measure the impact of your content and evaluate the effectiveness of your TikTok strategy. These insights help you understand the reach and engagement levels of your TikTok presence and make informed decisions for future campaigns.

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