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How Much Does a Malaysia Influencer Earn? | MYSense

Being an influencer in Malaysia, or even in other parts of the world, can be a lucrative and rewarding career, provided that you are talented and equipped with the right skill set. They have a huge influence on social media and can sway the decisions of their followers and even promote a certain narrative which can cause a lot of discussions. 


Businesses might even knock on their door to ask for collaboration and in turn, provide them with an opportunity to get paid handsomely. Their income level can be much higher than the average office workers by producing content that fits the preferences and needs of the market. However, it doesn’t provide you with a safety net and the future outlook can be very uncertain, which is why it takes deep planning and thorough analysis to make it big in the industry.

Advantages of Being a Malaysia Influencer

Being an influencer in Malaysia can bring many advantages. One of the most notable is the ability to have a large, engaged audience that can be used to promote one’s brand or a commercial product. This means that those who become influencers are often able to leverage their fame and reach to create lucrative opportunities for themselves.


Another advantage of being an influencer in Malaysia is the access to exclusive events and networking opportunities that may not be available to those without such a presence online. Many companies hold special events for influencers and provide them with exclusive discounts or benefits, as well as invitations to meet prominent people in their field. This provides an avenue for influencers to expand their network beyond what they could normally access on their own.


Not only do influencers enjoy these perks, but they also benefit from having more control over the content they produce. Unlike traditional media outlets where journalists must adhere to strict guidelines, influencers have free reign over what they post and can use a creative licence when creating content around certain topics or trends. This provides them with more freedom when it comes to producing content that resonates with their audience and allows them to express themselves in unique ways.


Finally, being an influencer in Malaysia gives individuals the opportunity to earn income through sponsored posts or other activities related to their brand. As long as the content aligns with both parties’ interests, those who work as influencers can gain financial stability by engaging with sponsorships or campaigns supported by organisations looking for a specific target demographic. With this additional income source, many people are increasingly turning towards becoming social media influencers as a viable career path.

Disadvantages of Being a Malaysia Influencer

One of the potential disadvantages of being an influencer is the tremendous pressure and responsibility that comes with the role. It can be difficult to keep up with fans’ expectations while simultaneously meeting brand objectives. In the digital age, it is easier for a mistake to be magnified and shared widely, which can lead to damage to an influencer’s reputation and personal brand.


Another disadvantage of being an influencer is the lack of control over what content you create and post. Influencers often have contracts with brands that dictate what type of content should be created, which may limit their ability to think creatively and express themselves authentically. Additionally, influencers may feel pressure from their followers or brands to post more frequently than they are comfortable with or not enough for them to maintain engagement opportunities.


In addition, there is a major element of risk when it comes to being an influencer as there are no guarantees that your followers will continue engaging with you or that money will come in continuously from sponsored posts. Furthermore, certain branded collaborations may not be in line with your values or goals as an influencer, leaving you feeling frustrated or uncomfortable about taking part in them.


Those who have built up a large following on one platform, also need to remain aware of any algorithm changes (as seen most recently on Instagram) which could drastically change the impact of their content overnight if they do not adapt quickly enough.


Finally, despite potential income generated through sponsored posts and endorsements, many influencers find that managing taxes and other financial obligations associated with their role can also become extremely overwhelming – especially as this type of work does not offer traditional employment benefits such as retirement savings plans or insurance coverage.

Income Level of Malaysian Influencers

The income level of influencers in Malaysia can vary greatly, depending on a variety of factors such as the size of their following, the types of content they produce, and their ability to monetize their platforms. Generally speaking, larger influencers with more followers tend to earn higher incomes than those with smaller followings. For instance, one survey conducted by Malaysian marketing firm Envisage Media Solutions revealed that influencers with up to 50K followers earned an average income of RM10-15K per month. Meanwhile, those with more than 500K followers could make upwards of RM50-100K a month.


The type of content the influencer shares can also impact their income levels. Content like sponsored posts, product reviews and tutorials typically bring in higher earnings than more general content such as lifestyle or travel posts. Additionally, being able to monetize one’s platform through other sources – such as advertisements, affiliate links and merchandise sales – can also be a positive contributor to an influencer’s overall income.


In addition to these factors is the role that engagement plays in the income equation for influencers in Malaysia. Influencers who can inspire interaction from their viewers – such as interactions through comments or ‘likes’ – typically have greater earning potential than those who don’t engage with their audiences regularly. In essence, if an influencer can create high-quality content and inspire engagement from viewers and followers alike then it is likely that they will see a healthy return for their efforts when it comes time for them to earn an income from influencing marketing activities in Malaysia.


All of the points above must be your main questions when it comes to being an influencer in Malaysia, we hope it can provide more insights and offer another perspective for you on this topic. If you happen to be an up-and-coming influencer and in need of more advice to better navigate the social media landscape, MYSense is ready to guide you with our expertise in digital marketing and we do offer free consultation as well. Hit us up for more information.


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