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Is Blogging Effective in Digital Marketing

Is Blogging In Digital Marketing Effective | Digital Marketing Agency in Malaysia - MYSense

Whenever you see blog post, have u ever wonder, “who really reads it?” and “why companies keep posting blogs that aren’t directly related to their company”. What is the point, right? Well you and I were wrong… 


Do you know~ Blogs have 63% more influence on purchasing decision than newspapers. So, companies that actually blog get 97% more links to their websites and this will eventually boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking.

Blog SEO | Digital Marketing Service in Malaysia - MYSense

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It optimizes your website to get organic or un-paid, traffic from the search results page. SEO includes making your website design and the content more attractive to search engine. In hopes, it will display your website as the top search page. ??SEO???


How is it effective again? According to Hubspot, 77% of internet users read blogs regularly and it clearly shows that
blogs are now a massive popular culture. By providing content via your blog that answers client questions,  addresses issues your client have, and offers real solutions, you will turn traffic into qualified leads.

Blog lead | Digital Marketing Service in Malaysia - MYSense

Lead Generation

Ultimately, it helps companies to discover more lead generation as blogs have also been proven to help generate more leads. Therefore, it then classifies the potential clients down the sales pipeline more effectively.

Blog nurturing | Digital Marketing Service in Malaysia - MYSense


Once the leads come back again to read your latest blog post, it will then strengthen the relationship with both existing and new customers.

Blog | Digital Marketing Service in Malaysia - MYSense


Your blog post is indirectly helping you to build and position your brand. If the leads came to a conclusion in purchasing your products or services, this is when you have successfully position your brand in their mind.

Blog Traffic | Digital Marketing Service in Malaysia - MYSense

Viral Traffic

Another reason that blogging is so powerful is the opportunity it provides for others to share the link about your blog through multiple social platforms. This will resulted viral traffic and exponential market growth. It is also what we called “free marketing”


As to conclude, blogging is an effective way to create branding to the company. Does your company do blogging? My Sense Digital Marketing provides such services.

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