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About Michaela's Solution

‘When we first crafted the name “Micaela’s Solution”, we were inspired by an old Spanish word that means “gift from god” or “like god”. We take a head to toe aesthetic approach and combine it with the latest medical advancement. The result? A range of science-based and medical grade beauty products that is backed by clinical research. Supported by innovative scientists and medical partners all over the world, together with a passion to deliver products that actually work, Micaela’s Solution dreams of a world where we no longer buy into hype, but trust in science.

Social Strategy

One of the biggest social media mistakes that businesses make is not having a clearly defined strategy – you need to set goals if you want to be able to measure your progress, after all. What do you hope to get out of social media, and how will you get there? We know exactly how to get the best results from different platforms, and we’ll use our experience to create a strategic social media plan for your business. Your team can implement the plan in-house, or we can tackle that part for you.

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How can social media help your business?

Smart business owners know that building relationships with their customers and clients is a vital part of running a successful company. People also use social media to interact with businesses and brands that they love. By being active on social media you can build relationships and foster brand awareness, handle customer complaints and inquiries quickly, get more website traffic, and ultimately increase your bottom line. 

Performance Results

Measurable data is a core part of every social media campaign that we run, and you’ll receive monthly performance reports that detail a number of key metrics. From the number of followers to the cost per click on your Facebook ads, these meaningful statistics bring the results of your social media marketing to life. It’s about more than just numbers, though. Your report will also include actionable recommendations on how you can get an even greater ROI. 

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