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About Vanilla Crepe

Located within the beating metropolis of Kuala Lumpur is this Award Winning Cake Shop. Established in 2014, Vanilla Crepe has gifted Malaysians with its French inspired delicacy – the crepe. Elevating this French dessert with iconic flavors loved by Malaysians, Vanilla Crepe has won the hearts of its many customers; and continues to do so with bold and innovative flavor combinations. Accessible at NU Sentral, you can now experience this mouth-watering cake shop for yourself!

Influencer Marketing Service in Malaysia - Vanilla Crepe & Wan Li Tang on Instagram | MYSense

What we Did

Mindfully selecting influencers with an established image, we gave Vanilla Crepe the recognition it needed by leveraging the enormous reach our influencers have on social media. From social media posts to food reviews, we’ve connected this humble bakery to foodies all around Malaysia.

Performance Results

Measurable data is a core part of every social media campaign that we run, and you’ll receive monthly performance reports that detail a number of key metrics. From the number of followers to the number of total action taken , these meaningful statistics bring the results of your influencer marketing to life. It’s about more than just numbers, though. Your report will also include actionable recommendations on how to bring your product to the next level.
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