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Digital Marketing

We ensure your objectives with our digital marketing efforts are efficient and effective.


Influencer Marketing

We’re experts in social media with talents and experts at reaching, engaging and converting potential customers.


Business Consultancy

We help businesses grow by using digital marketing efforts. Let MYSense help you grow.


MYSense Academy

We help you to be a successful influencers and to help aspiring influencers make it big.

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We do business analysis | Digital and Influencers Marketing Service in Malaysia - MYSense

Step 1

We Help You Analyse Your business Problem

We start with an in-depth research of your targeted audience. What’s their hobby? How old are they? What’s their common interest? We can create super-targeted ads when we have all these information.

Step 2

We Create Ad Image / Video / Copywriting

This first thing that catches the attention of viewer is the image and video asset. If they don’t find it interesting or intriguing, they don’t stop scrolling. You Will need a super catchy image or video for this purpose.

Provide Social Media marketing service | Digital and Influencers Marketing Service in Malaysia - MYSense
Use copywriting method | Digital and Influencers Marketing Service in Malaysia - MYSense

Step 3

We Help You Create Landing Page & Generate Campaign Ideas

Not many people know the importance of a dedicated landing page for each marketing campaign. No you do. We create super conversion-focused landing pages that looks like an extension of the FB ad.

Step 4

We Generate Data Tracking & Analytics

Do you know what’s cooking with your visitors? Are they leaving too soon? Data is the only way you can know what’s right and what could be wrong. That’s how we can improve the performance of your campaign.

Lead the generation | Digital and Influencers Marketing Service in Malaysia - MYSense

Step 5

We Help You Retarget the Potential Customers

One ad is not enough. We want to further qualify people that are interested in your product or services, then retarget them with a more advanced ad such as stronger call-to-action or urgency push.

What We've Done Recently

Here’s a quick snapshot on some of the digital solutions we provided for one our clients:

MyMediGateway thumbnail

Mymedigateway Website Design

Mymedigateway is a brand new startup brand famous for their medical travel. They provide a variety of services yet pleasing medical range for patients around South East Asia

YTBX Digital Strategy

YTBX is a auspicious chinese new year hampers & gift deals with customize name for your friends and loved ones. 

Yu Tang Bao Xi thumbnail big | Digital Marketing Service in Malaysia - MYSense
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