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What are the Most Used Social Platform in Malaysia

What Is The Most Used Social Media Platform In Malaysia | Digital Marketing Service in Malaysia - MYSense

Do you know in 2019, Malaysia was ranked one of the top 5 mobile social media penetration in Southeast Asia. Based on the information given by Hootsuite, Malaysian are “social” I the latest Digital 2019 report.

Now, every brand and business looks for ways to develop their business through digital marketing. Have you ever wonder what platform is the most effective way for you to reach out to your targeted consumers?

Currently, statistic shows that the share of social media users has reached 81% in Malaysian population. With a population of 32.25 million, there are 40.24 million mobile subscriptions, which is an extra of 25% more mobile subscription. The rapid growth and the amount of mobile usage are overwhelming!!

So what are the top 3 most active social networks in Malaysia?

Facebook | Digital Marketing Service in Malaysia - MYSense

1. Facebook

So if we exclude those chat apps, an estimation of 24 million are active in such social platform. The first one is namely Facebook, a estimated percentage of 70 with 16.6 million users.

Youtube | Digital Marketing Service in Malaysia - MYSense

2. Youtube

Holding the second place is Youtube, 69% of shares and 16.6million users. Video is the most effective steps in digital marketing. Consumers are generally more attracted to graphic motions rather than pictures. This is why people shown to better engage with video content compared to static content such as text or images. Of course, this is the same for Malaysians, as we prefer videos.

Instagram | Digital Marketing Service in Malaysia - MYSense

3. Instagram

Instagram has 11.8 million users, which most of them may be millenniums, a total share of 49%. Everyone loves beautiful images and this platform can as well help to build brand equity.

Unsurprisingly, Malaysia presented a unique opportunity for businesses in the digital world. Approximately, 75% of the internet users will purchase products or services off of the internet. It was highlighted that Malaysian internet users utilized mobile banking more than Singaporeans, which is 2 percent more than them. 

So what are the potential social platforms that can be used in the future? 

Have you ever wondered? How they help to advertise, how to help clients, who are the audience, which engagement are the most. Linkedin (more to business, and international engagement)

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De Jing Loo
De Jing is a Marketing Director at MYSense based in Malaysia. You can connect with him on Linkedin @DeJingLoo.

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