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What Is Medical Digital Marketing

What Is Medical Digital Marketing | Digital and Influencer Marketing Agency in Malaysia - MYSense

Digital marketing is a term that most of us have heard of before. What many people don’t know is what digital medical marketing is.


This covers the entire medical field. Surgeons, spas, dentists, and healthcare facilities all compete in a growing market. If you want potential patients to find you as easily as possible, you’ll need a medical digital marketing campaign. 


So what can you do with it? Let MYSense Digital Marketing helps you market your medical practice. We have over several years in the marketing industry and our best practices will help you find success big or small. Digital marketing for medical practices shouldn’t be common in many businesses. It should be targeted to make your life easier.

What Is Medical Digital Marketing

Medical professionals, do you understand what medical digital marketing is and how you can start implementing it in your business? Are you someone with extensive knowledge of the marketing mix? Otherwise, you are missing out on patients who may be choosing your competitors. 


To begin with, it is important to understand what marketing is in the medical world. Basically, it is a form of digital marketing that uses many of the same principles as digital marketing, but in a medical concept. This is something that many medical professionals have not considered before.

Why Is Medical Marketing So Important

Here are some quick facts on why you should pay attention to this type of marketing:

  • The medical industry is extremely competitive, and many patients are gained by simply being more visible online
  • Your business revenue can explode by creating a successful campaign. 
  • Gain more repeat patients. 
  • Improve your professional reputation.

The Different Areas of Medical Digital Marketing

A comprehensive online medical marketing campaign must incorporate many different ideas and functions to be successful. This simple list will give you a starting point to start thinking about how you can improve your business. 


  • A Great Website 
  • Video Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Mobile Marketing 
  • Email Marketing 

These five areas are the foundation of any successful marketing campaign. You also need a method of monitoring each area and looking at the results so that you can make informed decisions later. There are plenty of tools to help you do all of this. 


Remember, if you lose a patient, it’s not because there’s something wrong with your business, it’s because you aren’t reaching the right people.

Video Marketing

Digital marketing in the medical industry has always been a complex, layered service. Your task is to break down complex topics in a way that the average person would understand at home. This is no easy feat for a surgeon or healthcare professional. Video marketing has made this easier than ever. 


90% of all consumer Internet traffic is expected to be video in 2019. Think about how much video content you consume each day and it’s easy to see why video is so essential. It is simply impossible for a modern business to not use video marketing in 2018 and be successful. 


It is a powerful tool; The most successful medical professionals are often those who benefit from video. There are two reasons for this. First, it makes it easy to describe what a complex subject is in a way that the average person can understand. The second reason is that it gives a personal touch, helping to build trust and rapport from the first minute.

A Website that Stands Above the Rest

It all starts with your own platform. You need to direct people to a website that stands out and can drive organic traffic through Google and social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. Your website must be able to stand out because it the only way to generate leads. And this is the hardest part. A survey of B2B marketers found that 61% of them struggle to lead generation.


The science of building a website that generates business leads is always changing. But for medical professionals, the first stop is the same professionals in other industries.  Look to your most successful competitors and view their websites. Take note of all the similarities as these are the elements that should be on your website. 


As with any website, you should also keep this information for your patients. Remember, the patient always comes first. Think about the most common queries and questions you receive from your patients and make sure your website answers them. A clean and simple design that emphasizes feedback is a must. 


Finally, you should always review your website and make changes based on user feedback and analytics. Simple tools like Google Analytics will help you understand how well people are responding to every page and blog.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is where most of your patients will spend a lot of time. It’s an easy way to interact with your patients remotely on a more personal level. It is also an easy way to advertise through innovative advertising platforms like Facebook Power Editor. 


This is the number one way to reach your target market and an important way to drive organic traffic to your website through Google. Google admitted a few years ago that it viewed social media activity as one of the primary signals for determining a site’s ranking position for selected keywords. 


Organic traffic on social media largely doesn’t exist anymore. You must advertise, and this can be daunting. Therefore, you should contact MYSense Digital Marketing to help you bring your advertising campaigns to life and target the right audience.

Mobile Marketing for Medical Professionals

Your website and digital marketing campaigns should be optimized for smartphones and tablets. The majority of internet traffic comes from mobile devices, and it is inevitable that the desktop will sooner or later be an extreme minority. This is automatic with most social media platforms. However, if you are building your own website, you need to make sure that it offers the same experience on mobile devices. 


Another part of medical digital marketing is finding new ways to make the customer journey easier. A new gadget that many industries are looking for is to use push notifications and deliver a different user experience on mobile than on desktop.

Email Marketing for Medical Professionals

The heart of any medical business is your ability to keep patients coming back time and time again. Naturally, you have an advantage here because if you offer a fantastic in-person service, you can guarantee that they will come back the next time they have a similar problem. 


However, sometimes that is not enough. Patients want to know that you really care about them in long term. One way to do this is to create an online relationship that your patients will want to tell their friends about. Perhaps the most powerful tool you have is email marketing. 


Some of the ways email marketing can be used for digital marketing for medical practices include:

  • Providing patients with breaking news about changes to your services.
  • Offering special discounts and other promotions for subscribers to your newsletter. 
  • Getting feedback on how you can improve both your service and your marketing material. 

The key to any successful email marketing campaign is to offer something that can’t be found anywhere else. Some medical professionals are advised to create a newsletter, but only send out dull, drab updates about their business. People don’t care because it has nothing to do with them or their life. 


Some medical professionals believe that email marketing is ineffective in this industry. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Email marketing works in every niche you can think of, but you need to make it relevant and interesting to the average person; even more in the medical business.

Maintaining Marketing Success for Medical Professionals

Achieving desired results is one thing, but maintaining that success is an ongoing process, which must be sustained through regular reviews and changes in your strategy. For a medical professional, this takes a lot of time and effort. Unfortunately, there’s no getting around it, so many businesses stagnate because of it.


You should choose a marketing agency like MYSense Digital Marketing to help you with this. You will get a great marketing business that will adapt to the latest trends and changes in your industry. Most of the hard work is handled for you, and you can rest assured that you’ll keep up with the competition.


This is much more efficient than relying on multiple companies to handle every aspect of your medical marketing campaign. So make a change and make your life less stressful.


Are you ready to bring your medical practice into the modern world? Contact MYSense Digital Marketing today!

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