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What is the upcoming trend for influencer marketing?

What Is The Most Upcoming Trend For Influencer Marketing | Influencer Marketing Agency in Malaysia - MYSense

Based on eMarketer’s 2019 Influencer Marketing Report, a surveyed that was done under Hootsuite had discovered 48% either used or planned to use influence r marketing with well-known celebrities influencers. While 45% companies is using or planned to use micro influencers who have smaller, highly engaged audiences.

Nano-Influencers & Micro-Influencers

Stocks | Influencer Marketing Agency in Malaysia - MYSense

In terms of industry, which uses influencers marketing the most?

Answer: Fashion and beauty, two verticals that are continuing their strong support of influencer marketing. As accordance to eMarketer’s report, it states a study that was held by Glossy on December 2018, claimed among 133 fashion and beauty brand executive worldwide, 88% of the respondents were using influencer marketing.

*Larger brands are moving from macro-to-micro influencers due to the rising cost and declining engagement rates of macro-influencers Micro-influencers overtake top-tier talent and 61% of consumers say they produce the most relatable content.
How Do You Determine Which Influencers To Work With | Influencer Marketing Agency in Malaysia - MYSense

The Famous Influencer’s personal view on 2020 Influencer Marketing Trend

This report assesses the trends defining influencer marketing in 2020 and shares what creators want brands to know about working with them.

KEY STATISTIC: Generation Z and millennial internet users say that knowledge and real enthusiasm for a product, services, brand or industry are the top two reasons they make a purchase based on an influencer’s recommendation.

How Does TikTok Rank In The App Charts | Influencer Marketing Agency in Malaysia - MYSense

How Does Tiktok Rank In The App Charts?

9 out of 10 TikTok users use the app multiple time DAILY

  • TikTok is #5 overall downloads
  • TikTok is #1 in App Store downloads
  • TikTok is #9 in Google Play downloads

However, Facebook still ranks NO.1 in Malaysia- with 23 users, 70% of our current population (2019 info)
1. Facebook- 23M users
2. YouTube- 20M users
3. Linkein- 4.4M users
4. TikTok- 4M users

In Malaysia?

– This implies that the tiktok users are extremely active on the app
– The average time spent on tiktok daily is 52minutes
– 66% of the users are younger than 30 years old

Social media reactions | Influencer Marketing Agency in Malaysia - MYSense


Ultimately, to get the most out of influencer marketing, one must analyse what is the current trend. This goes for anything and everything, as things move forward with the trend, especially when the Millennial are taking over. New ideas and creativity is what we need right now, businesses should take consideration on what influencer marketing can help you. My Sense provides influencer marketing, if you’re interested in helping your business to build brand awareness, dial up and give us a call~References:

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De Jing Loo
De Jing is a Marketing Director at MYSense based in Malaysia. You can connect with him on Linkedin @DeJingLoo.

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