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Why is organic influencer marketing more powerful than sponsored content?

Why Is Organic Influencer Marketing More Powerful Than Sponsored Content? | Influencer Marketing Agency in Malaysia - MYSense

As accordance to Nielsen’s Global Trust Report, 46% of the consumer will believe anything the influencers say. That is like 1 out of every 2 consumers?!?!

Many brands these days had mastered and benefiting from influencers marketing. In fact, it is estimated that by utilizing such strategy will see an increase in their ROI.

Now you might ask, what is organic influencer marketing and sponsored content marketing?

Organic influencer marketing | Influencer Marketing Agency in Malaysia - MYSense

Organic Influencer Marketing

Sponsored influencer marketing | Influencer Marketing Agency in Malaysia - MYSense

Sponsored Content Marketing

Why do you say Organic Influencer beats sponsored content marketing? Well first of all, the cost of influencer marketing has risen over the years since brands realized the true power of influencer marketing. It hence made influencers hiked their fees, especially for those that are macro influencers with huge followings.

Organic influencer aren’t pay in this case, it is an earned media strategy. Insteadv of paying large amount for sponsored posts, PR actually will find people that share their content because they truly love their brand’s product or services. They are natural brands advocate that are excited to work with their fav brands~

Typically, those organic influencers are micro-influencers/ nano-influencers who may have several thousand followers. Not necessarily only macro followers can help the company to earn big sales. Even thought micro influencers have fewer followers, they enjoy higher engagement levels and inspire greater trust. They are called influencer for a reason, duhhh.


Furthermore, there are preferred choice for brands in niche markets (which are typically local

markets), where influence often depends on quality rather than quantity.


Influencers are supposinglu to be more authentic than corporate messages, but they’re losing trust authentic connections with audiences. Now, as a marketer we might actually wonder how much does macro influencers actually influence followers to purchase the company’s product or services. Well as recent study from Stackla found

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